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Ages: 12+Players: 3-6Time: 30+ minutes

The game of building and solving riddles


On an archaeological expedition, you discover the ancient tome of riddles that you had long been searching for—sadly, its pages are torn to shreds beyond hope of reassembly. Your hopes dashed, you decide to raise your spirits by using the fragments of riddles that remain to hold a contest of wits and riddle-making with your friends at the local tavern…

As players lay down cards, a single riddle slowly gets more and more complicated. You must decide whether to add more to the riddle or to challenge someone to answer it.
You can choose some of the riddle’s clues, but don’t get caught without an answer!

Fans have translated the cards into multiple languages. These are available for download near the bottom of the page.


This game was entered into the 2014 BoardGameGeek Card Game Design Contest and placed in the following categories:

  • 1st place in the 55+ Cards category
  • 2nd place in the Most Creative category
  • 2nd place in the Voter’s Choice category

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Download translations

The cards are available in multiple languages. Don’t forget to download the tokens and rules (only available in English) above.

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