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Ages: 13+Players: 7+Time: 30+ minutes

A social game of conspiracy, hysteric mobs, and storytelling


Werewolf, also called Mafia, has been a popular party game since the 80’s. In this game, each player is given a secret role. Some players are werewolves—they must kill off the rest of the group while avoiding suspicion.

The Board Gourd edition has some features that distinguish it from other versions:

  • Three types of cards: rolespersonalities, and powers
  • Beautiful art from (view art credits)
  • Unique roles such as the Mystic Werewolf
  • Clear rules for each role printed on the cards
  • A mobile-friendly online tool to assist the narrator (or to play without even needing the cards!)

Download game

Download game
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View the mobile-friendly online tool—play without the cards

Download individual components

Download rules onlyDownload narrator’s scratch paper onlyDownload cards only (10 MB)Download ink-saver cards only (10 MB)