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Unofficial Damage Report Soundtrack/Timer

An tension-inducing ambient soundtrack & timer for the game Damage Report, published by Break From Reality Games.


Damage Report is a real-time board game about fixing a spacecraft that is constantly undergoing catastrophes. The game was produced with an electronic timer that beeps every 3 minutes, which is how often new catastrophes occur. Needless to say, the timid high-pitched beeps of an electronic timer do not properly convey the severity of the situation when your life support systems take critical damage. Large explosions and blaring alarms are a far more appropriate companion for the crises encountered in the game.

Our soundtrack comes in two forms.

  • A simple 45-minute long mp3 file, or…
  • A mobile-friendly web app which lets you configure how long the soundtrack will be (based on the length of your game’s scenario), and also shows a timer.

Launch the Damage Report soundtrack/timer
Download the soundtrack mp3 file

…and don’t forget to check out Damage Report on the publisher’s site.